24 little hours in Reykjavik

You’ve got 24 hours in the beautiful capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. You want to make the most of that time, including trying out the best places to eat. So just what should you do? Here’s the perfect itinerary for your needs. Make sure you have comfortable footwear and your camera ready for all the amazing sights.

Buy Your Shuttle Bus Ticket on the Plane

The majority of airlines into Iceland, especially WOW and Icelandic Air, will allow you to buy your shuttle bus ticket on the airline. This is a must to give you more time to spend in the city. Otherwise, you could find yourself queuing for three hours or spend a fortune on a cab!

Two Stops for Breakfast
You’ll be hungry when you get off your flight, so head straight for Brauo & Co. This bakery is full of the best cinnamon buns and croissants ever, and they will still be hot when you get them. Don’t worry if you can’t get a seat. They’re best eaten on the way to stop #2: Reykjavik Roasters. This is a must for coffee. Taste the local brews, while feeling like you’re in your local Starbucks.

Start at Hallgrimskirkja Church
Start your day with the beautiful sights of Hallgrimskirkja Church. Even if you’re not religious, you’ll appreciate the stunning views of the city. Make sure you get all the way to the top of the church to get your full circular view. You may be lucky to get a view of the sunrise, depending on the time you get there.



Enjoy Lunch at Frioteimar
Whatever time of the year you visit Iceland, you want to take a trip to Frioheimar, run by Helena Hermundardottir and Knutur Rafn Armann. Their café sits in their own tomatoe greenhouse, where you will get some beautiful delicacies homegrown and made. Don’t forget to ask for the green tomato Bloody Mary and the green tomato jam with the cheesecake!

Hit the Shops
While you may not be looking to buy anything, you will want to consider hitting the shops just for the experience. Iceland is full of Viking elements and beautiful, cosy sweaters. Make sure you visit the vintage shops. They will help you keep the costs down on anything you do decide to buy.

Grab a Bite at Kopar
Make sure you go to Kopar for dinner. While it will initially look like a small hut, the inside atmosphere is warm and inviting. You’ll get to taste all the local meats and fish here, with a strong focus on local dishes. After all, you need to try the local delicacies when you travel, right? The “adventure” menu is the best, as it’s full of small bites to get a little of everything. And don’t forget to ask for an upstairs table to take in the amazing view around.

Finish at the Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon hot springs is a stop for the majority of tourists. Created by the tectonic plates in the area, the beautiful milky blue springs will give you a relaxing atmosphere. If you do have a car, it’s best to finish at the Secret Lagoon for swimming and peace in a more secluded spot.


Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Wherever you are, look up for the awesome Northern Lights.

Northern Lights

Book a Night at 101 Hotel
Now it’s time to get your head down before your flight out. Relax and get a peaceful night at 101 Hotel. The minimalistic style helps to create quiet and beauty in each of the rooms. You’ll also be able to see the Reykjavik Bay’s glaciers from your room. Don’t forget to visit the basement sauna before you sleep.
You have 24 hours in Reyjkavik. Make sure you use it to your advantage. You won’t be disappointed with this itinerary, whether you want to taste the cuisine or take in the local experiences.

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