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Traveye guide to cheap flights

In this post Traveye takes a look at the best way to avail of cheap flights and help you save your money for the fun things.

Be flexible

You must be flexible with the time of the year you are travelling and the dates if you want to get cheap flights. If you can, be flexible with the day of the week and the time of day as you can take advantage of any deals airlines are offering. It is not necessarily about getting last minute flights.

Low cost airlines

There are many low cost airlines in operation now, such as Ryanair and using them is a must if you want to get the best value, but be sure to check the distance from the airport to your actual destination as it may end up costing you more, as well as taking much longer. You must take into consideration the fact that you may have to travel for an hour or two to get to your destination after you land.

Frequent flyer

If there is an airline that you intend to fly on more than once, be sure to sign up for their frequent flyer programme. Something like the American Airlines programme called AAdvantage can give you excellent rewards. They also have many partner airlines where you can also earn miles.


Join mailing lists of airlines to keep updated about deals.

Connecting flights

Book a connecting flight rather than a non-stop direct flight. And make sure to look at more than one airline. You could fly with one airline to a certain airport and fly with another airline the rest of the way. But be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to make that connecting flight.

Certain days are better than others

Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Saturdays tend to be the cheapest days to fly. Early morning flights can cost less as well.

Avoiding charges

When flying low cost carriers, take only a carry on bag with you if possible. There are fees for each checked in bag with many airlines now. The penalties are even harsher if you fail to declare a check in bag but your carry on bag is considered too big and must be checked in.

Bring your own food on board

With many discount airlines, food is not included in the fair price and the cost of food onboard can be extortionate, not to mention sub standard.

Print your boarding pass yourself

Make sure you check in online AND print off the boarding pass. If you don’t then it’s another €40 at check-in. Many people now use an airline’s app or something like Apple Wallet as a digital boarding pass instead of printing off their boarding pass. Just make sure your phone doesn’t run out of battery before you get to the gate.

Lastly, check flights with comparison websites such as our partner for the best deals on flights

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